Friday, December 11, 2009

Totally Aliens

Something effed up happened in Norway this week...

Early Wednesday morning, while sipping their coffee, rubbing the sleep out of their eyes and mushing their kids off to school, folks from Harstad to Tromsø were amazed by a dazzling spectacle of light in the sky above.

An enormous glowing spiral appeared and rotated while a strange green beam shot out from its centre.

The entire show lasted around 12 minutes before dissolving back into the darkness.

Whoah... Move over Balloon Boy, because even if this IS a hoax... color me impressed!

Of course, my nerdy/awesome side is really hoping this is some kind of alien activity. A cross-dimensional wormhole opening up the heavens and linking us with an advanced civilization the likes of which our imagination can't begin to comprehend... or it might be some viral marketing campaign for "Avatar"...

... But sadly, the Russians are taking credit.

Suppoooooosedly it's some rocket thing they fired from a submarine that went the way of Amy Winehouse and became a cracked out mess in the sky.
Here's a smart British guy explaining how that's possible:

Thanks for that buzzkill... Rocket or not, I'm sure this thing is going to get explained away in the near future.
But in the meantime I'm working on how to greet our new alien overlords... Smile? Bow? Handshake? Would they have hands?

Damn, what should I wear?

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