Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So Long Jon

It was only a matter of time... TLC has officially decided that Jon Gosselin is no longer a model father figure and will no longer be a part of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Whaaaat? Well, alright then, if they think that's the best move.

Jon will be okay. I hear hosting Las Vegas pool parties can be a pretty lucrative gig! Lindsay Lohan has been doing it for years!

PS- Kate Plus 8 will premiere on TLC November 2nd. Will you be watching?

Monday, September 28, 2009

F-Bombs Away!


So SNL newcomer Jenny Slate had a pretty crummy first day on the job.

I don't blame her for ditching out on the afterparty. If I were in her shoes, I'd be curled up with a bottle of wine at home with a massive plate of chicken wings, bawling my eyes out. And the inevitable meeting with Lorne Michaels Monday morning, would only be salt in the wound.

But, you know, there are three things to consider here:

1) It was her first night performing on a legendary program, I'd be shakin' in my boots a little too!

2) I don't think it helped that on her first night, they let her lead a scene with about a hundred uses of the word "frickin'... Talk about loading the gun and handing it to her.

3) She covered up pretty damn well! If you watch the rest of the bit, she doesn't flinch, not even once... although her shocked expression after dropping the bomb was pretty hysterical. Mad respect Jenny, mad respect. You carried on like a pro!

You know, I remember my first day of first grade. I just moved to Alberta and was a little confused as to what I was supposed to be doing.

All the other kids did math.

I made spirographs.

Teacher wasn't happy... she was my Lorne Michaels.

You'll get through it Jenny! I did!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye Pulls a Swift One

Shocker at the VMA's on Sunday, right?

Kanye west stole the mic and the show when he interrupted sweet little Swift's first ever VMA acceptance speech, and proclaimed that Beyoncé's Single Ladies video deserved to win.

A little later in the show, Beyoncé stepped up with a classy move after winning video of the year, and let Taylor return to the stage to finish her acceptance speech and "have her moment."

Beyoncé: 1

Kanye: -50

Not surprisingly, it didn't take long for the rumors to fly... Kanye appeared on the premiere of Jay Leno's new primetime show the very next day, and that got folks wondering if it was all just a stunt to draw audiences to Leno.
I don't think it was... I think Kanye's ego is just that gregarious... MTV is owned by Viacom, which is owned by CBS... Jay Leno is on NBC... So I ask: why in the world would they pull a stunt to plug a show on a competing network?

Nah, Kanye is just Kanye... But of course Leno had to bring up the elephant in the room!

Okay... maybe not his best apology... but when Jay asked Kanye what he thinks his departed mother would say, you can tell he was a little ashamed.

Leno shamed Kanye!?... the chin is mightier than the hair! (BTW, whattup with the doo Kanye?... I kinda like it...)

Today, Taylor Swift was on The View and told the ladies (which included guest co-host Kate Gosselin) that she hasn't heard from Kanye at all! No apology. Nothin.... well that lasted about 45 minutes.

Before the show even finished, Kanye called the producers of the show, asked to speak to Taylor, and finally told her that he's sorry...

The Full House writers couldn't have plotted it out better themselves.

So what did we learn from all of this? Kanye's a jerk? Taylor Swift is the golden child of pop music? Beyoncé really isn't a diva afterall?

Nope... we learned this...

Something CAN be done about Kate Gosselin's porcupine reverse-mullet weave!!!!
There... don't we all feel better now?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drop it Like it's Hot

Are you afraid of heights?

I'm afraid of tight spaces, car crashes, and papercuts in between my fingers... but heights I can do!

And this Thursday I'm doin' 30 stories worth!

The Easter Seals Drop Zone is an annual event that sends Canadians from coast to coast down the side of a skyscraper... Not to be confused with recession-hit investors leaping from their offices on Bay Street... we get ropes.

Yes, we're doing this because we're just a little crazy, but we're also supporting the amazing cause, Easter Seals Alberta.

In a nutshell, Easter Seals helps kids, adults and seniors living with disabilities. Whether it's your aunt Greta who needs a new electric scooter, or your little sister Sally who just wants to go to summer camp, Easter Seals makes it possible.

This Thursday, Sun Life Plaza downtown Calgary, check it out!