Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I H8. You H8. Coulda had a V8.

Pros and cons of democracy, eh?

Listen to me... "eh"... big ol' canuck over here! And thank goodness for that! I'm damn happy to live in a country that - compared to some others - is quite progressive.

Sex, race, and religion just don't seem to come into play during our electoral showdowns... sweater-vests appear to make more headlines than what church our candidates attend. Whom our candidates share a bed with, however, has potential to sell some papers.

What if Harper were gay? That would be news... but would it be an issue?

In fact, if it were an issue, would that not imply that there is something inherently wrong with the fact that hypothetical Harper is gay?

I would hope that we're well enough into the 21st century to collectively realize that homosexuality isn't wrong, and it isn't wrong because it isn't a choice.
Being gay is as natural as the color of our skin. Period.

Yet, in the afterglow of a crowning moment for civil rights, there's still a shadow, a space to be filled, progress to be made.

People have marched before... they've protested before, they've shouted and cried and fought and died before... but when the time is now, and the message echoing in the streets, it's a good time to stop and listen.

But anyway, back to the sweater-vest... what is up with that anyway? Not exactly "Mr. tough guy" in the world leader's club, eh?

Ha ha... eh...

Cheers all!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obamalama Ding Dong

Today is a big day...

... McDonald's is giving away free coffee from 5am until 10am!!!!

Oh... and then there's this wee little election happening south of the border. It's a doozie, and it's already being called the most historical in many of our lifetimes.

True dat... look at the past 8 years, look at the candidates, look at the state of the world... there's a lot riding on whatever our yankee friends decide to mark down on their ballots and we canucks are up here waiting with baited breath to see who comes out on top.

Kind've a shame we weren't as enthusiastic a few weeks ago... but maybe that's because putting only one X into one circle isn't as stimulating as double-sided paperwork. Phooey.

At any rate, today is one for the textbooks of tomorrow, and it's pretty cool to see it all unfold... although CNN tends to give me a headache on the lightest of news days... thank goodness for Jon Stewart!

This all leads me to wonder, though...
Change is coming, that's a given... but what kind of change will we actually see? How is it going to affect the rest of us without a US passport? And will it be enough to make a real difference in our modern global village?

David stands tall in the shadow of the giant... here's hoping he'll have a big enough pebble.

Much love everyone!


PS- Sure wouldn't mind having one of those free McD's coffees dropped off to the studio in the morning... just sayin...