Monday, November 23, 2009


If I were sitting in the audience of the AMA's, this would be my inner-monologue...
"Oh wow, what a fabulous night this is! There's so many celebs here. Sure was nice to see Janet back up on stage. Wonder how's she's coping these days. Hmm, I hope I have another drink ticket... I already lost one after bumping into Paula Abdul. Oh look, it's Adam Lambert! Did he WIN American Idol? No, no, it was the short one. Isn't he married? Yeah, I think he's married. Holy, that's some raunchy stuff happening on stage. Is that man on a leash?... Why is Lambert grabbing his head like that? Oh no... don't do it Adam, don't do it! Noooo!!.... aw, he did it..."

Monday, November 2, 2009

Anthony Sedlak

I love food.

And I love the Food Network.

Some afternoons there's just nothing better than frying up some frozen perogies, adding a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash, and savoring my gourmet creation while watching the pros school me at the culinary arts.
Curse you Barefoot Contessa...

Well one of my faves is definitely The Main, featuring super-chef (and homegrown Canadian) Anthony Sedlak.
This guy is only a couple years older than me, but he's already won like a bazillion cooking competitions, he's the executive chef at a posh Vancouver restaurant, he has a hit TV show... and he puts my grilled cheese to shame...

He also happens to be a pretty rad guy.
Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Anthony about the Zantac Chili Challenge; a national competition that invites Canadians to submit their favorite chili recipes for a shot at winning a trip to the Mayan Riviera!

Dayum... I should start taking notes...

Anyway, check out my interview with Anthony right here:

You may wanna grab a snack... we gab for a bit... plus we're talking about chili so you're probably gonna get a little hungry.


Holy Ship!!!

Apparently the cruise industry knows nothing of this silly little recession...

Meet The Oasis of the Seas , the latest flagship of the Royal Caribbean fleet.

She's the largest passenger ship in the world with 2700 cabins (some of which are two-storey lofts) that can accommodate over 6300 passengers and 2100 crew members.
But all those passengers are gonna need something to do! Aside from hocking loogies into the sea... which can get pretty messy... messier still when you factor in those prone to sea-sickness...


Well all those investors aren't about to let a multi-billion dollar paint job go the way of a taxi door on a Friday night... so expect to find enough dining and entertainment on board that you'll forget you're even on a boat!
And possibly make you question why you didn't just go to Disneyland for this year's vacation.

This baby is fully loaded with zip-lines, four swimming pools, an open-air promenade/shopping concourse, seven different "neighborhoods", volleyball and basketball courts, a theme park, an ice rink, a mini-golf course, and a 750 person outdoor amphitheater... that doubles as another swimming pool...

Oh, and yes, those are rock walls next to the amphitheater... in case you wanted to take in a show whilst scaling a mountain at sea... phhht, no real mountain is gonna offer up that kinda luxury.

The Oasis of the Seas is currently en route across the Atlantic in preparation for her maiden voyage in the Caribbean later this month. Follow her on her journey and keep up to date with the captain's video log too!

Busy man... hope he's watching for those icebergs... just because this beast is 20 storeys high and 5 times bigger than the Titanic doesn't mean we should get sloppy folks!

Just to give you an idea of how enormous this beyotch is... that ship in the chart above is actually a smaller class of passenger vessel...

Alright. Sold. Who wants to go cruisin'?