Friday, April 24, 2009


Recently the Government of Alberta released its shiny new 25 million dollar promotional campaign, featuring a fresh, re-branded image for the province.
A new logo, a new slogan, and many stunning photographs of some pristine, down-home Alberta scenery.
One such photo is the one I've posted above. Two happy children frolicking on the beach of an Alberta lake, eminating the spirit of the future Alberta wants to present to visitors and residents alike...
... too bad that isn't in Alberta...
You see, the photo is actually that of a beach near Northumberland, England... the legendary birthplace of Sir Lancelot...
Of course, there's a story behind the discovery of the truth behind the picture, and it kinda makes you wonder why the folks who shelled out 25 million taxpayer dollars (during a global recession) didn't read the fine print...
I'm sure they have a good reason... the world is a busy place these days. Twitter and what-have-you...
I love Alberta, I think it's one of Canada's most beautiful and dynamic provinces and I'm proud to call it home. So here's a few snapshots I put together that will hopefully help out the new campaign.
Freedom to create
Spirit to achieve!

So... who wants a steak?


Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm terrible with money.

A lot of people are. But it's an issue, well, a lot of people are uncomfortable bringing up. (Right here).

We can talk eachothers ears off about the recessions, bailouts and bankruptcy, all of which are serious issues today, but they are also not that common for the commonest of folk.
IE... forever-renters. (Right here)

I don't own property, I don't buy stock bonds and I probably couldn't properly explain to you what an RRSP is... but I'm still human, and credit cards are just so damn easy to mess around with... Money is money, it is what it is, and that's why it is also something we can learn to manage.

A few weeks ago we launched The Money Minute on Energy 101.5, and with a little (a lot) of help from our friends at ATB Financial, we're gonna break down the basics of money management and planning, so that the rest of us (right here) can finally make some cents of it all (I had to throw that in).

It's quite simple.

Crank that radio up on 101.5, and throughout the day you'll hear a quick, one-minute segment with myself and Sonu (a whiz!!!) from ATB Financial, with a couple quick and easy tips on how you can start to improve your currency chaos! (Ha, did you like that?)

Every new week will feature information on the basics like how to pick the right checking account? What he heck is a credit score? And how to I figure out this new-fangled mortgage?

Sonu knows her stuff, and she's pretty rad too. So we're gonna have some fun learning a whole lot of useful stuff together.

In fact, ATB is helping me dig my way out of my own financial mess, and they've been unbelievably helpful and caring so far.

ATB will go the distance for you, that I can say with confidence.

So check out The Money Minute. It might be that lightbulb moment where you can start to help yourself too.

And hey, if you miss it or, you know, don't own a radio or something... check it out online!

Oh, and by the way...

If you have a question you'd like us to answer, send it in! If we read it on the air, then ATB Financial will give you ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!


It's all about the dolla-dolla bills yo!

Take care folks, hope to hear your questions soon!



Oh, P.S. Check out Sonu's fancy photo from a Workopolis ad... she's suuuuuch a diva ;)