Monday, December 14, 2009

The Neighbours

I have some very eclectic neighbours in my building...

First there's the girl across the hall.
Filana is her name... Phillana... Fillanna? I barely know if I'm saying it right, let alone spelling it, but she's cool.
A hippy dippy kinda gal that burns incense, dances in the hall and leaves used books by the front door for the taking. She travels around Canada a lot working as a shaman of sorts; attending rain dances, midnight weddings in the bush, and many, many raves.
She offered to bring me some chili one night... I fear what kind of mushrooms she uses in the recipe... Still, she's good people.

Next, there's Crystal. I don't know if Crystal is actually her name, but she looks like a Crystal. Torn grey sweat pants, stained hoodies, and hair done up in a loose ponytail right on top of her head. She's the building drunk.
Occasionally we run into each other in the stairwell, and she valiantly slurs out some kind of attempt at small talk. It usually involves her former employer and how they're "huge jerks" (Crystal's choice of words is a lot more colorful).
She lives in an apartment smaller than mine. It's literally a little box at the corner of the hall right next to Fillana's place.
Her door is usually left open a crack which allows her cranked up music to be heard throughout the building. She loves everything from Kiss to The Jonas Brothers, and sings along with every track she plays...
It makes me kinda sad really. I mean, it's obvious she's an alcoholic with family issues. I base that on the highly audible arguments I've heard her have in the hall with the old man who delivers her rum.

Next up is my friend Heather...

This classy dame and I have been friends since first grade. We lived together in Edmonton for a spell and eventually both found our way to Calgary.

Then we found our way two doors down from each other... she lives down the hall right across from Crystal.

One night, shortly after moving in, Crystal stopped by her place to ask if she wanted to drink with her (Exhibit B in the alcoholism case).

This creeped Heather out and prompted her to cut me a set of keys to her place in case she ever got in "trouble".

Silly girl... she's more likely to get in trouble with yours truly... and she does.

No biggie... We cook food, drink wine, swap old stories, then hit the club from time to time... we're pretty much a pair of hip urbanites living our youth to the beat of the city. Coming from St. Paul, Alberta, this will always be a novelty...

Finally, there's the Gruesome Twosome.
Don't know their names, don't know their story, but I do know this... they have a LOT of sex...

Seriously... jackrabbits, these two.

It's a guy and a girl living together (I assume?) in the apartment that separates mine and Heather's; A mopey looking pair that have an affinity for extra-baggy jeans, wallet chains and KORN t-shirts.
Rarely seen, but always present. I've hardly ever seen either one of them leave the flat. But of the two, she tends to pop out more often.
Never for long though. She'll head out and come back about 15 minutes later with either pizza, groceries, beer or confectionary from 7-11.
As for him... I'm more likely to spot a Sasquatch doing his laundry down the hall than see him venture into the daylight.
Jobs? Doubtful... unless they're running some kind raunchy website out of their living room... which is frighteningly plausible.

There's three dead giveaways that these two are always lurking a wall away from me:

1) Movies: They own a sound system, and they have a taste for action flicks

2) Music: Surprisingly one (or both) of them is way into Three Days Grace and Evanescence... those KORN tees are a touch misleading that way.

3) The SEX!!! Lots of it. Morning glory, afternoon delight, and late night... um... escapades?

Usually the moaning and groaning on the other side of the wall can be drowned out by my television... but last night... last night was different.
Because it wasn't just moaning and groaning last night... something dark and dirty was going on next door...

I think there was a whip involved.

The cracking echoed in my dreams... *shudder*...

My neighbours... quite the motley crew... I think I'll bake them cookies for Christmas.


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